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East Gulf Coastal Plain

From McComb and Hattiesburg south to the Gulf of Mexico, this area occupies the lower third of Mississippi and is also found from Louisiana to Florida. Hardwood forests, swamps an marshes are part of the Pearl and Pascagoula watersheds, and are home to an incredible diversity of plants and animals.

Historically, frequent fires kept trees and shrubs from dominating the landscape, and plants became adapted to—and dependent upon—fire to complete their life cycle. The Nature Conservancy works with a large number of partners across the southeastern United States to use prescribed fire to mimic naturally-occurring fires and maintain healthy plant and animal populations.

Home to some of the state's most endangered reptiles (the gopher tortoise) and amphibians (the gopher frog, no relation), these areas are also home to familiar creatures such as the American alligator and monarch butterfly.

Explore more about this incredibly diverse landscape, and take part in outdoor activities and events available throughout the region!

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