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  • Having a party at a local state park or natural area offers a large area, beautiful scenery and loads of recreational opportunities for your party.
  • A discarded wheel rim from an 18-wheeler makes a great portable fire pit on cold winter days. Be sure to practice fire safety.
  • Natural materials like magnolia, cedar, pine, pine cones, holly, simple ornaments and a mason jar filled with gravel and a tea light make a beautiful centerpiece.
  • This place setting includes a reusable plate made from recycled materials and a simple ornament as a gift. How about adding a place card to the ornament?
  • A handmade, hand painted item makes an excellent gift that will have lasting meaning to the recipient like this pot made by Donna Davis-Speakes, MS's Director of Operations.
  • It's easy to make simple gifts from recycled materials. Restaurant coasters, magnets made from recycled paper and a stress ball with a slit cut into it so it doubles as a card holder made by MS's Fire Technician, Elizabeth Hanson.
  • Are you an artist? Give a piece of art made by you. It will be unique and meaningful, like this drawing by Brad Maurer, MS Chapter's Freshwater Hydrologist.
  • A potted plant could make a long-lasting gift. This poinsettia added beauty to the gift table and made a perfect Christmas gift.
  • Be creative with your wrapping and you'll find almost anything can be used to wrap a gift, even caution tape!
  • The comics from your newspaper combined with a bit of natural greenery makes attractive "green" wrapping.
  • Need a box to wrap your gift in? Check your recycle bin. A cereal box is great for a framed picture.
  • After an outdoor party, cleanup is essential. Be sure to cool off your portable fire pit with water and spread the coals out to make sure they are cooled off.
  • The Mississippi Chapter staff wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Green Party and Gift Ideas
The MS Chapter shares ideas for having a green party including decorations and gifts.

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