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  • Melissa Pringle, Mississippi Chapter Trustee, verifies Zachary Taylor's race time.
  • Walkers leaving the starting line.
  • Sarah Rusche (16), Rachel Ford (45), Jocelyn Zhu (48), Laura Raymond (47), Catherine Breland (19), Cory Wilson (24)
  • Joshua Huggart, overall male winner in the 18+ age category, receives his award from Jim Murrian as Susan Hollandsworth, Joel Sarmiento, and Ron Speakes look on.
  • Paul Lanning (52), Catherine Breland (19), Laura Raymond (47), Caron Blanton (44), Cory Wilson (24), Michael Madell (1), Tanvir Khan (42), Larissa O'Flynn (20), David Krousll (39), Raul Crespo (55)
  • Nelwyn McInnis, Mitigation Program Manager for the Conservancy, describes carnivorous plants.
  • Volunteers Marion & Teresa Watters and Julie Murrian made sure everyone had water half-way through the race.
  • Mary Kate McDonnell (21), Kari Beasley (54), Jeff Lohrmann (50), Jonathan Jones (8), Rachel Ford (45), Sara Rusche (16), Caron Blanton (44)
  • Conservancy Wildlife Biologist, Jim Lee, shares a Mississippi snake with a participant.
  • A black pinesnake joins the race.
  • Emily Lazor celebrates her arrival at the finish line.
Wild Walk & Run 2012

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