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  • Glacial Ridge is the largest prairie-wetland restoration in U.S. history.
  • Most of Glacial Ridge's 24,000 acres had been converted to farmland before the Conservancy purchased it in 2000.
  • Glacial Ridge was restored with the help of the Natural Resources Conservation Service and other partners and now forms the core of Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge.
  • The Conservancy worked with local businesses to restore much of Glacial Ridge.
  • More than 250 wetlands were restored at Glacial Ridge.
  • More than 17,000 acres of tallgrass prairie were reseeded at Glacial Ridge.
  • Glacial Ridge is once again home to a variety of native plants and wildflowers.
  • Wildlife including moose have returned to Glacial Ridge in a big way.
  • Burrowing owls - a state endangered species in Minnesota - have nested at Glacial Ridge.
  • Glacial Ridge's prairie chicken population has also rebounded thanks to the restoration.
  • Sandhill cranes rest and feed at Glacial Ridge during migration.
  • Glacial Ridge also serves as an outdoor classroom for area students.
  • Local ranchers are once again grazing cattle at Glacial Ridge. Conservation grazing benefits native plants and wildlife.
  • Glacial Ridge isn't precisely the same as it was in the 19th century, but it does provide an opportunity to experience a vast tallgrass prairie.
  • Glacial Ridge has been restored and protected for native plants, wildlife and future generations.
Glacial Ridge Project
A landmark effort to restore prairie, wetlands and life in northwestern Minnesota.

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