Preserve Gets a Life from Delta Air Lines

Volunteers Remove Invasive Garlic Mustard at Ives Road Fen

This past Earth Day, a crew of Delta Air Lines employees, some traveling from as far away as Atlanta, volunteered at Ives Road Fen to help remove invasive plants. They spent the day giving back to the environment by pulling garlic mustard in the floodplain forest. A prolific seed producer, invasive garlic mustard can spread quickly, choking out the native wildflowers that bloom across the forest floor in the spring. 

Invasive species control is an important aspect of The Nature Conservancy’s ecological restoration work. Ives Road Fen, a rare wetland and floodplain forest, is an ecological priority in Michigan and the Great Lakes, and an excellent example of conservation practices in action to restore the health of an aquatic system. The Conservancy has protected the fen since 1987, and has benefitted from the efforts of countless volunteers to help protect this preserve and repair the health and functionality of this important terrestrial and aquatic priority.

Places like Ives Road Fen depend on volunteers to help provide the labor and sweat equity needed for major restoration efforts such as removing thousands of invasive plants. Volunteer workdays continue to be a success with the support of corporations like Delta Air Lines and other volunteer groups.

Organizing a volunteer work day can be fun, rewarding and easy. Volunteer stewardship workdays held throughout the year provide a great opportunity for volunteers to experience the wonder of Michigan’s natural world while contributing to efforts to preserve habitat. Please e-mail if you or your business is interested in participating in volunteer workdays or visit our volunteer webpage.

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