Places We Protect

Use this map or browse the list below to explore our preserves and places we protect in Michigan.

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Land Protection Strategies

The Nature Conservancy protects land based on specific goals and science-based criteria, including protecting biodiversity and creating connected corridors of protected lands and waters. Together with private landowners, municipalities, and state and federal partners, the Conservancy protects significant natural areas around the state in the following ways:

  • Acquiring land through donation and purchase (these lands become nature preserves);
  • Partnering with private landowners to create conservation easements on their land;
  • Assisting municipalities, counties, the state of Michigan, and the National Forest Service in the creation of protected parks and natural areas; and
  • Assisting landowners in the management of their own private property.

Our experienced and dedicated land protection team works closely with landowners and other stakeholders to determine land protection strategies that meet both their and the Conservancy’s goals. Once land has been preserved, we ensure the long-term health of it by employing a comprehensive ecological restoration plan.


Anne and Cameron Waterman Preserve at Mt. Benison
Helmut and Candis Stern Preserve at Mt. Baldy
McMahon Lake Preserve
Nan Weston Nature Preserve at Sharon Hollow
Ross Coastal Plain Marsh Preserve
Two Hearted River Forest Reserve


Echo Lake Nature Preserve
Grand River Fen Preserve
Ives Road Fen Preserve
Laughing Whitefish Lake Preserve
Paw Paw Prairie Fen Preserve


Bete Grise Wetlands Preserve
Carl A. Gerstacker Nature Preserve at Dudley Bay
Erie Marsh Preserve
Grass Bay Preserve
Haunted Forest Preserve
Mary Macdonald Preserve at Horseshoe Harbor
Maxton Plains Preserve
Zetterberg Preserve at Point Betsie

Partnership Projects

Coolbough Natural Areas
Northern Great Lakes Forest Project
Tip of the Keweenaw

Connect with Nature

During April lend your hands at events around the country and in your backyard.

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We’re Accountable

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