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Growing Up Wild In Michigan

Associate Director of Philanthropy Paul Beczkiewicz

A global survey of parents and kids reveals that nature is not just "something to do," it is a crucial part of growth. We asked some of our staff who are also parents to weigh in on the importance of "growing up wild."

What do you do for The Nature Conservancy?

Paul Beczkiewicz:

I am Associate Director of Philanthropy for the Michigan Chapter.

A new survey reveals parents around the world are concerned children are not spending enough time outdoors. What is your reaction to that?

Paul Beczkiewicz:

I agree that we as a culture do not spend enough time outside, not just children.

Why is it important to you that your children grow up connected to nature?

Paul Beczkiewicz:

When he is outside in nature, he is exploring, creating, using his imagination…he looks alive when he’s outside, instead of looking like a zombie playing video games.

How does spending time outdoors impact your children?

Paul Beczkiewicz:

I know he’s getting good exercise, he is happier, and he sleeps better after being outside.

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