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Science Talks

A Lecture Series With the Cranbrook Institute of Science

Special thanks to our media partner Michigan Radio.

Back by popular demand, our scientists are returning to speak at this exciting Cranbrook lecture series! Topics include conservation technology, Great Lakes farming and restoring native fish habitats. Call (248) 645-3210 or visit for tickets or more information.

Wet & Wild

January 23, 2014
Restoring Native Fish Habitat
Aquatic Ecologist Matt Herbert talked about new experiments and techniques used to reduce the impacts from aquatic invasive species while also working to restore and improve habitat for native fish in the Great Lakes. Missed the lecture? Watch it here.

Get with the Program

February 20, 2014
How Technology is Advancing Conservation
Director of Science Dr. Scott Sowa will share the latest, state-of-the-art innovations in the works and underway in the conservation science field to improve efficiency and precision on the ground and in the water. Missed the lecture? Watch it here.

Is More Better?

March 20, 2014
Striking a Balance Between Farming & Freshwater
Hear Saginaw Bay Project Director Mary Fales explain how science and academia is working with farmers to protect our freshwater resources as agricultural production increases and intensifies. Missed the lecture? Watch it here.

Extreme Makeover: Nature Edition!

April, 24, 2014
Techniques for Protecting Rare Species & Habitats
Learn how Restoration Director Chris May is implementing the latest ecological techniques to save the last of the least and the best of the rest rare species and habitats in Michigan. Missed the lecture? Watch it here.


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