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Oceans & Coasts

The Conservancy is supporting the development of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) — a process and set of science-based conservation tools that, if enacted, will allow us to identify and protect the ecological integrity of our coasts and ocean.

State Oceans and Coasts Policy Activities

As Massachusetts implements its first-in-the-nation Ocean Management Plan, the Conservancy is supporting the state’s efforts to ensure that the best scientific data possible informs decision-making. Explore the latest data in our new marine assessment

Federal Oceans and Coasts Policy Activities

Increasing Investment in Marine Restoration

Since 2001, more than $4,800,000 in NOAA funding and $5,700,000 in funding and in-kind match from the Conservancy has supported 85 marine restoration projects in 15 states throughout the country. These funds have supported the Conservancy’s oyster reef restoration project in Wellfleet Bay with mass Audubon and could be used for broader shellfish and seagrass restoration efforts in the future.

Mapping the Shoreline

The Conservancy is working to increase funding to NOAA, U.S. Geological Survey and the Army Corps of Engineers to expand LiDAR mapping of the shoreline. LiDAR information provides a three-dimensional picture of the ground and vegetation that can help with habitat classification, restoration efforts and in sea level rise studies.

Passing the Water Resources Development Act

The Conservancy is working with the Army Corps of Engineers to complete a Coastal & Marine Management Plan that would help restore coastal sites from Maine to Virginia. Congress is expected to take up WRDA authorization later this calendar year.

We’re Accountable

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