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Celebrating Nature’s Abundance

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“That is, I think, the future of nature: all of us working with nature — or just getting out of the way — to restore an abundance that is joyously loud.”
- Wayne Klockner, State Director
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A note from State Director Wayne Klockner

The sound had become deafening.

I was with a small group of Conservancy supporters on a 30-foot research boat off the coast of Peru’s Paracas National Reserve this August. A barren vista of desert hills arose from the shore, and these tan sands created a dramatic juxtaposition with deep blue Pacific waters that stretched off into the distance.

As our driver brought the engine down to idle, and the waves gently rocked us closer to shore with each swell, the sound reached our ears, and grew.

It was the sea lions, thousands of them, cavorting along the shore. They were there for the same reason the reserve is there — the astounding fecundity of the Pacific in this area. Countless species are swept along these coasts by the cold, northward flowing waters of the Humboldt Current.

This ecosystem is at risk, and my group was there to learn more about the Conservancy’s work to protect it. But as we floated off shore, I took a moment to bask in the amazing productivity of nature. It was a high point of the year for me.

Back home earlier in the summer, I had the chance to get outside to see our oyster restoration on Martha’s Vineyard and floodplain restoration work on the Connecticut River. I talked to fishermen who are working with us on research and community leaders who are partnering with us to remove dams. Standing on that boat in Peru, I was able to see all of our New England conservation work through the filter of nature’s abundance.

Each action that you have made possible in 2013, detailed in these web pages, is designed to help restore and preserve that richness. That is, I think, the future of nature: all of us working with nature — or just getting out of the way — to restore an abundance that is joyously loud.

In gratitude,

Wayne Klockner

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