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From Sea to Plate

Where Conservation Meets Sustainable Seafood

by Kate Frazer

In a day and age when many of us “harvest” most of our meals by filling a grocery cart or skimming a menu, it can be easy to overlook nature’s role in putting food on our tables.

This is especially true when it comes to seafood. For centuries, the oceans' bounty seemed inexhaustible. Now, as scientists unravel the intricate relationships between fish and the vast lands below the water’s surface, we’re gaining a clearer picture of how humans have altered our oceans' ability to provide for us.

The Conservancy is tackling the problems by working with communities to restore degraded habitats and rebuild depleted fisheries. But sustainability also depends on how fish are brought to market.

Can conservationists, fishermen, chefs and consumers work together to find new ways of living off our waters while keeping nature healthy? In five Atlantic Coast communities, I found hopeful examples of people doing just that.

New Haven, Connecticut
Chef Bun Lai:
Battling Invasive Species … One Roll at a Time

Kate Frazer

Senior writer for The Nature Conservancy based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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