Little Catoctin Highland Glades

Little Catoctin Highland Glades is home to one of the most recent natural discoveries in Maryland.  In 1989, the first state record of the sandwort, a delicate flower more commonly found in New England, was found at the site.

Visiting the Preserve
Little Catoctin Highland Glades Preserve is only open to scientific research with prior permission from The Nature Conservancy, because of the fragile ecology of the sandwort habitat.  Thank you for understanding and help in protecting this important part of Maryland's natural heritage

Central Maryland

Why the Conservancy Selected This Site

The natural appearance of the sandwort in only this location in Maryland made this site a priority for the Conservancy.

What the Conservancy Is Doing Here

  • 38 acres protected by The Nature Conservancy since 1989
  • Volunteer Weed Watchers monitor site for new weeds
  • Annual Garlic Mustard Pull and Recipe Swap


  • State-rare sandwort, sphagnum moss
  • White and red oak, sugar and red maple, white ash, hickory, and basswood.
  • Dogwood, witch hazel, hornbeam, amelanchier, and Virginia creeper.
  • Spring beauties, wild lily-of-the-valley, boreal starflower, and pink lady's slipper orchid.

We’re Accountable

The Nature Conservancy makes careful use of your support.

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