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Maryland / DC

Cranesville Swamp Audio Tour

If you want to see, smell, and hear a swamp’s plant and animal life, take a hike through Cranesville.  This Maryland and West Virginia preserve offers five trails and a 1,500-foot boardwalk that allows for easy exploration over the boggy sites.  Our audio tour reveals the swamp’s natural history and how it will likely respond to climate change.

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Getting Started

Visit the preserve page to plan your visit and then download the audio tour map (PDF). The numbers marked on the map correspond to the audio files in the tour.  Next, download the audio files to your mobile device. Remember - some of our secluded preserves are spectacular, but you may not get cell service. We recommend you download the recordings and maps before you visit. Enjoy!

Downloadable Files (mp3 format)
  1. Cranesville Habitat and Man's Role
  2. Red Pines
  3. Hydrology of Cranesville Swamp
  4. Powerline View
  5. Star Violet
  6. Origin of Water in Cranesville
  7. Climate Change
  8. Red Spruce
  9. Logging the Wetland
  10. Evaporation and Transpiration
  11. Similarities and Differences
  12. Roads

(All files are .mp3 and should download automatically once clicked. If you have trouble downloading, right-click each file and then select 'Save')

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