Potomac Gorge Quiz

Potomac Gorge Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

How much do you know about America’s wildest urban river and its extraordinary diversity of life? Take our Potomac Gorge quiz and find out!

  1. How long is the Potomac Gorge corridor?

    500 feet

    500 feet | Incorrect

    1500 feet

    1500 feet | Incorrect

    15 miles

    15 miles | Correct

    150 miles

    150 miles | Incorrect

  2. Where does the upstream end of the Potomac Gorge begin?

    Glen Echo

    Glen Echo | Incorrect

    Great Falls

    Great Falls | Correct

    Harpers Ferry

    Harpers Ferry | Incorrect

    Theodore Roosevelt Island

    Theodore Roosevelt Island | Incorrect

  3. The Potomac Gorge harbors more than 1,400 individual species of what?


    plants | Correct


    beetles | Incorrect


    moths | Incorrect


    mammals | Incorrect

  4. Which of these unusual habitats can be found in the Potomac Gorge?

    freshwater seeps

    freshwater seeps | Incorrect

    riverside prairies

    riverside prairies | Incorrect

    bedrock terraces

    bedrock terraces | Incorrect

    all of the above

    all of the above | Correct

  5. Which animal has not been observed in the Potomac Gorge since the 1920s?

    Allegheny woodrat

    Allegheny woodrat | Correct

    American shad

    American shad | Incorrect

    Appalachian spring snail

    Appalachian spring snail | Incorrect

    All of the above

    All of the above | Incorrect

  6. What animal is native to the Potomac Gorge and consumes 6-8 pounds of vegetation every day?

    black bear

    black bear | Incorrect

    white-tailed deer

    white-tailed deer | Correct

    southern flying squirrel

    southern flying squirrel | Incorrect

    gypsy moth

    gypsy moth | Incorrect

  7. What crustacean was recently discovered in the Potomac Gorge and is a non-native invasive species?

    Pizzini’s amphipod

    Pizzini’s amphipod | Incorrect

    virile crayfish

    virile crayfish | Correct

    spiny-cheeked crayfish

    spiny-cheeked crayfish | Incorrect

    all of the above

    all of the above | Incorrect

  8. How many visitors explore the Potomac Gorge yearly?

    a few hundred

    a few hundred | Incorrect

    a few thousand

    a few thousand | Incorrect


    750,000 | Incorrect

    more than 2 million

    more than 2 million | Correct


0-2 Correct Hmm. You still have a lot to learn about the Potomac Gorge!

3-5 Correct Not bad! But you can do better if you brush up on your Potomac Gorge knowledge.

6-8 Correct You are a Potomac Gorge whiz! You deserve some free wallpapers of the Potomac Gorge.

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