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This Land is Your Land

The Nature Conservancy has long recognized the importance of America’s public lands. Americans have a deep-rooted tradition of turning to our landscape to sustain and enrich our lives. Even during times of national crisis, America’s greatest leaders have committed to conservation as a means of uplifting our people and healing our nation.

  • President Lincoln authorized the protection of Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove as California state parks in June 1864 — just days before Confederate forces advanced through Maryland to within five miles of D.C.
  • During the Great Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps helped save our land and a generation of young men, including 30,000 who joined “Roosevelt’s Tree Army” in Maryland.

Today, the Conservancy supports policy initiatives such as America’s Great Outdoors and urges a permanent commitment to the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

While the following sites represent only a fraction of our projects in Maryland, we hope these highlights will inspire you to explore and protect our great outdoors.

After all, this land is your land.

Battle Creek Cypress Swamp

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

Fishing Bay

Garrett State Forest

North Point State Park

Parkers Creek

Savage River State Forest

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