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  • Insects play many vital roles: they are recycling, they are helping trees and they're fun to observe! Photo © Cheryl Rose
  • “I just try to make kids appreciate how many really cool hidden treasures we have outside.” – Deborah Landau, conservation ecologist in Maryland. Photo © Jenny Lee0Silver/Flickr
  • Like this colorful caterpillar on a marbleseed (Onosmodium molle). Photo © Chris Helzer/TNC
  • Here, a male, blue dasher dragonfly (Pachydiplax longipennis) stands out in detail against a blue sky. Photo © Cheryl Rose
  • It’s okay to catch bugs to get a closer look, just be very careful and let them go when you’re done! Photo © Kate Hougen/TNC
  • Many toy stores sell small nets — perfect for a budding entomologist! Photo © Paul Schultz/Flickr
  • A Frosted Elfin flutters by for a great photo op. Photo © pondhawk/Flickr
  • Lightning bugs are fascinating, aren’t they? Photo © kcdsTM/Flickr
  • A summertime favorite: ladybugs. Photo © whgrad/Flickr
  • Deborah Landau's advice for parents: “A child’s natural first reaction is curiosity. Encourage that excitement and that appreciation.” Photo © Byron Jorjorian
Maryland Bug Slideshow
See why kids love the creepy and the crawly!

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