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  • The rusting remains of the S.S. Accomac stand sentinel at the lower end of Mallows Bay.
  • Clean-up volunteers beach their canoes on the deck of a ghost ship being reclaimed by nature.
  • Peering into a hollowed-out stump on the overgrown deck of a ghost ship reveals these snail shells.
  • A skeletal tree rises up like a foremast from the decaying hull of a ship. Structures at Quantico, Virginia, are visible to the far left.
  • Trees and shrubs have colonized the remains of a ship backed up to the shore.
  • The Nature Conservancy protected Liverpool Point (seen here in the background) and transferred it to the state. The point frames the lower end of Mallows Bay.
  • The ghost fleet was burned to the waterline in this basin that now hosts kayaks and fishing boats. Note the mostly submerged vessel in the foreground.
  • Mallows Bay has been proposed as a national marine sanctuary. Return to story
Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay
National Marine Sanctuary Proposed for Potomac

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