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  • Welcome to The Nature Conservancy's Berry Woods Preserve. We hope you enjoy this tour of this remarkable preserve. We'll offer a glimpse of the preserve's human and natural history.
  • Berry Woods was first protected in 2004 through a generous donation of 217 acres. It is now 377 acres, including forest and shoreline.
  • A feldspar mine operated here in the early 1900s. Today, there's little sign remaining of the operation.
  • This large, old sugar maple was probably planted in the 1800s.
  • Daily tidal flooding brings beneficial sediments and nutrients to the marsh, along with water supply for salt-tolerant plants.
  • Uprooted trees here were brought down in a wind phenomena called a micro-burst, which occurred here in July 2010.
  • Since the July 2010 micro-burst, uprooted trees like this have created openings in the forest and allowed other trees to thrive.
  • This cluster of beech trees is infected by beech bark disease, which came from Europe to this continent in 1920. Young beech trees continue to sprout.
  • Here, the mighty Kennebec River meets the Gulf of Maine.
Berry Woods Preserve
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