Place, Hope & Conservation: A Visit with Alaskan Author Hank Lentfer

Author will read from newest book April 11, 6:30 p.m. at Frontier Cafe in Brunswick

BRUNSWICK, ME | March 28, 2013

Most of us can tell the story of a canyon, creek, meadow or mountain that has been consumed by sprawl. We all see the climate graphs and food security reports, and grow accustomed to the daily trickle of grim news in the media. As we grow numb to the bad news, we can also become less alive by closing out the beauty that surrounds us. How can we respond to the grim face of the world in a way that keeps us open to the joy of life and committed to a better future? This is a question author Hank Lentfer, has pondered for decades, and it is a motivating force behind his book, Faith of Cranes.

Lentfer’s memoir chronicles a life deeply attached to America’s wildest land, and yet threatened by the same industrial and global forces we contend with in Maine. Lentfer depicts his passion for Alaska, his misgivings about the changes he imposes on the landscape, and how he comes to learn from an ancient bird to have hope for the world he is teaching is child to love. “Authentic and essential, heart-wrenching yet luminous with hope, Lentfer writes in the tradition of America’s best naturalist–philosophers...His story of wild Alaska is one-of-a-kind—courageous, funny, wise, and beautiful… as purely Alaskan as nagoonberries and venison jerky.”

On April 11 Hank Lentfer, author of the book Faith of Cranes will visit Brunswick to discuss the challenges of conservation work in our increasingly consumptive culture, and how having an attachment to place and community can give us all greater hope for the future. Using images and sounds gathered from a life embedded on Alaska's wild edge, Hank will explore the role of beauty and wonder to inspire the work of conservation. Presented collaboratively by the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy, Lentfer will offer an evening presentation and book reading at Frontier Café ($2 suggested donation), and books will be available at Gulf of Maine Books, or for sale at the events. More information is available at or

“Faith of Cranes is a love song to the beauty and worth of the lives we are able to lead in the world just as it is, troubled though it be… The writing is honest, intensely lived, and overflowing with heart: broken, mended, and whole.” -David James Duncan

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