Controlled Burn Scheduled for York County

The Nature Conservancy and partners will be using fire to manage pitch-pine forests on a National Guard property in Southern Maine. Fire is an important tool for protecting public safety and managing fire-dependent ecosystems.

HOLLIS, ME | September 02, 2011

The Nature Conservancy, Maine Army National Guard and Maine Forest Service plan to conduct controlled burns on Friday, September 2 and Saturday, September 3 at the Maine Army National Guard Training Area at the Hollis Barrens. Smoke may be visible in Limington, Hollis, Buxton and Waterboro.

A trained and experienced fire team will closely monitor local weather conditions, such as wind and humidity, and make adjustments in the schedule as needed to ensure the safety of both crew members and local residents.

Controlled burns are used to increase the safety of communities by reducing the amount of fuel for fires. They are carefully managed by fire teams, consisting of forest, fire and weather experts, who decide when and where burns can safely take place. These burns help restore the health of our natural areas, allowing plants and wildlife to rejuvenate. Fire has successfully been used to manage the pitch pine-scrub oak landscape of this site since 1995.

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