Mainers Love Nature, and It Shows!

Some 14,000 people have already donated to the Sustainable Maine, Sustainable Planet Campaign. To understand this enthusiasm, we hit the streets in March and asked folks one simple question: “What do you love about nature in Maine?”

Mike Tetreault, Maine Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy in Maine: "Abundance."

Fresh Air, Vitamin D, Intense Mountains & Snow!

Complexity and unexpected surprises.

The Sea.


Wildlife & snow.

Bruce Kidman's artistic love of nature.

Flowers and sunshine.

It is very beautiful to play in and ski in!

It's natural. Not modified. Not engineered. Not artificial. It's real & pure.

Forever changing.

Birds in the backyard and everywhere. And Milo says, "caterpillars."

Camping. Walks in woods. Lessons to teach young children.

The smell.

It tastes good.

Nature's my nature!

Trees. Mountains. Flowers. Lake.

Nature is peaceful and pure.

We love the coast of Maine.

Crunchy leaves. The smell of earth. Little bugs & slimy worms.

Dappled light through the trees. Grassy knolls.

Nature completes me!

I like being out in the woods and I love animals and I wish I could be outside all the time.

What's not to love about nature?!

Shows how everything is connected.

It is expansive!


Snow. Lakes. Mountains. Trees. Seasons. Hiking. Swimming. Deer. Loons. Fishing .... THE NATURE CONSERVANCY!

Apple picking!

Outdoor recreation. Being in the middle of NOWHERE!!


Love Maine, where everything is beautiful!
Four seasons!

Fun beaches!
Wonderful trees!!!

In Maine: We get it all. Mountains. Oceans.


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