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A note from Maine State Director Michael Tetreault.

This summer I had the good fortune to be on the road with my family, visiting some of this country’s most beautiful places.

I will always remember standing with my wife and daughter watching a young wolf feeding on a carcass in Yellowstone National Park. We had tried for days to see wolves, and as we packed up our last morning to leave, we came across this amazing scene. This trip also gave me time to reflect on the incredible work we are doing in here in Maine.

Back at home this summer, The Nature Conservancy in Maine was on the road too. Through the generosity of the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation, we ran the Nature is ME campaign and were out at farmers markets and fairs (from Machias to Portland to Unity), and in print and online talking to thousands of folks about the importance of nature for life in Maine.

This year-in-review celebrates our 2013 accomplishments. It is our chance to thank you — our long-standing members — for your support, and to welcome new members who are joining us through the Nature is ME campaign.

Please check out our stories here, featuring ads from the campaign. These ads, which many of you saw in Down East Magazine, the Portland Press Herald and other publications, feature real Mainers who make their livelihood from nature’s bounty and health. We also look at our accomplishments from 2013, all of which were made possible by supporters like you.

Conservation will succeed through what we each do as individuals, and through what we do collectively. The Nature Conservancy honors the individual contributions of the Mainers featured here, while we also represent our members as we work together to complete large initiatives that no individual could accomplish alone. It is my belief that all of these actions are adding up to make a tangible difference for our world.

Thanks for your support and energy.

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