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Nature is All of Us
“Conservation will succeed through what we each do as individuals, and through what we do collectively.”
- Mike Tetreault, Maine State Director
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Your support has made a tangible difference for nature in 2013 — throughout Maine and around the world.

Here are just a few of our accomplishments in 2013, thanks to you!


  • Maine Natural Resource Conservation Program: Helped Forest Society of Maine and Van Buren Water District conserve 350 acres in Violette Brook.*
  • Completed 1,000 fish passage assessments on Aroostook and three other rivers.
  • Released analysis of 15-year sustainable forestry program in St. John River Forest.
  • Collaborated on Moose Brook fish passage at Houlton.
  • Rebuilt trail to #5 Mountain at Leuthold Forest Preserve.
  • Conserved more than 62,330 acres of Northern Appalachian forests, from NY to Maine.


  • Appointed to Maine DMR Marine Resources Advisory Committee.
  • Participated in state Rockweed Management Planning Team.
  • Helped include Portland Fish Exchange in November ballot measure.
  • Helped protect budgets for state conservation agencies and programs.


  • Mill Pond Preserve: acquired in-holding and removed house.
  • MNRCP: Helped Western Foothills Land Trust conserve 14 acres in Harrison.*
  • MNRCP: Helped Kennebec Estuary Land Trust conserve 63 acres in Georgetown.*
  • Built 1.5 miles of hiking trails at Loring Conant Preserve.
  • MNRCP: Helped Scarborough Land Trust preserve 160 acres.*
  • Rebuilt boardwalk trail, added 48 acres at Saco Heath.
  • Assisted Wells Reserve to open Branch Brook to searun fish.
  • Applied prescribed fire to 100 acres at three sites.
  • MNRCP: Helped Great Works Land Trust conserve 37 acres.*


  • MNRCP: Helped Orono Land Trust preserve 313 acres in Caribou Bog.*
  • MNRCP: Helped Bangor Land Trust preserve 30 acres in Penjajawoc Marsh.*
  • Marked the beginning of removal of Veazie Dam.
  • MNRCP: Helped Atlantic Salmon Federation complete second fishway on Blackman Stream.*
  • Studied sea lampreys’ role in river restoration.


  • Worked with a broad coalition to pass a bill to require fish passage on the St. Croix River.
  • Supported Downeast Lakes Land Trust in protecting 21,870 acres near Grand Lake Stream.
  • Started fish passage on Pokey Dam.
  • MNRCP: Helped Pleasant River Wildlife Foundation preserve 137 acres in Washington County.*
  • Restored fish passage to two streams at Spring River Preserve.


  • Launched sea floor mapping project with Maine DMR and Tenants Harbor fishermen.
  • Launched pilot to test fishery video monitoring technology.
  • Initiated eelgrass restoration in Eliot.
  • Expanded permit bank pilot into New Hampshire.
  • Continued research to advance more sustainable fishing practices.

* Project of the Maine Natural Resources Conservation Program (MNRCP), which is administered by The Nature Conservancy.

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