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  • Rick Jacob reviews the map of CC Road Savanna with Jen Browning.
  • A lesson in longleaf from Rick Jacob.
  • Longleaf pine at CC Road Savanna.
  • Longleaf pine and native grasses at CC Road Savanna.
  • Blazing Star was in full bloom at CC Road Savanna.
  • Dan Weber and Jen Browning look at a map of Bayou Dorcheat before heading onto the property.
  • A beautiful hardwood forest at Bayou Dorcheat.
  • Cypress knees poke up out of the beaver pond at Bayou Dorcheat.
  • Cypress trees grow among the hardwoods and pines at Bayou Dorcheat.
  • This turtle was making his way through the woods at Bayou Dorcheat.
  • Johnny Armstrong, a Legacy Club member, smiles for the camera with TNC staff member, Jen Browning.
  • Upland hardwood forest at Wafer Creek Ranch.
  • Wafer Creek Ranch is a great example of private landowner restoration.
  • Dan Weber explains details of our Mollicy work to State Director, Keith Ouchley, and Board of Trustees member, Harris Brown.
  • State Director, Keith Ouchley, walks along the restored stream bed at Mollicy Farms.
  • The Mollicy Farms floodplain restoration is a BIG project!
  • A view towards the Ouachita River from Mollicy Farms.
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