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  • Kacy King, Cypress Island Preserve Manager, welcomes our Legacy Club members and tells them the story of how she got involved in natural resource protection.
  • Kacy must have said something funny, everyone's laughing.
  • One of our long-time Legacy Club members and volunteers joined us on this field trip.
  • Nothing but smiles!
  • Our superstar of the day is a 98 year-old lady from Baton Rouge.  She was truly an inspiration to everyone there.
  • Kacy King found a Roseate spoonbill in the rookery and set up the scope for everyone to see. Thanks Kacy!
  • What a beautiful day to be outside!
  • During lunch, Keith Ouchley, spoke about the importance of our Legacy Club members and expressed gratitude for their commitment to conservation.
  • Stacy Raine, from TNC's World Office, had the chance to meet some of our Legacy Club members in Louisiana.
  • Here's everyone who made it out to Cypress Island Preserve on that lovely spring day!
Legacy Club - Louisiana
In May 2014, we hosted Louisiana members of the Legacy Club at our Cypress Island Preserve.

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