Frederick's Swamp Preserve

This site is one of the few remaining blocks of mature woodland in the Bayou Teche drainage area. After logging ceased in 1937, Frederick's Swamp Preserve was managed as a natural area. This preserve is not open for public visitation.


Northern St. Martin Parish, just south of Arnaudville and west of Bayou Teche.


Originally, coastal prairie covered approximately 2.5 million acres in southwest Louisiana, but today, less than 500 acres remain in widely scattered, small patches.

Why the Conservancy Selected This Site

Frederick's Swamp Preserve was selected by The Nature Conservancy because of its mature woodland area and low-lying land dominated by bald cypress and tupelo gum, with the ridges dominated by live oaks.

What the Conservancy Has Done/Is Doing

The Conservancy has worked to conserve the cypress swamp along Bayou Teche.

We’re Accountable

The Nature Conservancy makes careful use of your support.

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