• First place winner! "I looked over to my right and saw this vision of a Great Egret deep in the Cypress and Spanish Moss laden distance. I pointed and gasped. My colleague said "I'm not sure if we can get out there". I exclaimed that I didn't know if we could reach it either, but I was darn sure going to try!"
  • "The morning sun had just glanced over the top of the bushes, back lighting the 'Graine a voler' (local for American Lotus) and it's huge leaf while the blue leaves in the background were still in the cool shade."
  • "As my daughter steered our kayak through Lake Martin, we happened across this American Alligator at just about eye level. May I add that my little girl was not very happy and constantly asked if we were close enough yet! Thank goodness for telephoto lenses."
  • "An Anhinga (snake bird) dries its wings on a Cypress tree stump after swimming for breakfast at magical Lake Martin, Louisiana. I am intrigued by the 45 degree angle of most of the fallen tree stumps on this colorful fall morning."
  • "This is one of those rare mornings at Lake Martin in Louisiana when it was still incredibly foggy between 9 and 10 in the morning with a very strong sun coming through, lighting the scene just enough.  On the good days the wildlife don't mind a few portraits, in this case a Great Egret."
Kerry Griechen
The following images were selected by international judges to be displayed in a "Marshes of the World" exhibit in Switzerland this summer. Congratulations to Kerry!

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