Lafayette photographer, Kerry Griechen, won an international photography competition!

"Center Stage" won first place at Le Grand-Cachot.

Kerry Griechen, a resident of Lafayette, Louisiana, was recently honored with the first place prize for his photo “Center Stage” by an international panel of judges in Switzerland. Kerry has five photographs that were selected and will be on display this summer at Le Grand-Cachot in the Canton of Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Kerry has an abundant desire to create and share a unique perspective on life’s simple treasures. From childhood he’s viewed everyday scenes as a study in composition, constantly striving to find the visual balance and relationship between people, objects and nature. 

A native of southwest Michigan, Kerry moved to the Acadian area of south Louisiana nearly 20 years ago. He has been mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the region’s natural swamplands, Acadiana and New Orleans.  His images have garnered local, regional, national and international accolades for his unique ability to record a moment in time, and then deftly apply it to the world of art.

When asked what inspires his photography, Kerry answers “As far as what inspires me is a really tough question. It is akin to why do people breathe, eat and sleep? I am so consumed with the passion for taking photos that I wonder myself what the driving factor is! It is in every fiber of my being. Just being behind the camera gives me a sense of freedom to capture all of the beauty that this wonderful earth has to offer.”

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