LG&E and TNC Partner to Plant for the Planet

Thanks to LG&E's Plant for the Planet program, TNC was able to create a native tree arboretum at its Davis Bend Nature Preserve.

The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky's plans to develop its Davis Bend Nature Preserve got a boost in 2011 through LG&E's Plant for the Planet program. Funds received through this program were utilized to establish an arboretum of native Kentucky trees.  Over 40 different species of trees were planted, including Linden Trees, Dogwoods, Fringetrees, and Red Buds.  The tree were planted by TNC staff and volunteers at a pre-determined site on the Davis Bend Nature Preserve. 

The program emphasizes the importance of native tree species in Kentucky ecosystems. The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky's staff and volunteers periodically inspect the tree planting, looking for signs of heat/water stress, unusual levels of insect damage, deer rubs or overbrowsing, and nutrient deficiencies.  These inspections will ensure that the arboretum develops appropriately.

Our goal is that the Davis Bend Nature Preserve will evolve into a demonstration site for best practices concerning sustainability, forestry, and land management. 

Right Tree, Right Place Program

LG&E's Right Tree, Right Place program emphasizes the benefits of tree planting as it relates to energy conservation.  Below are some tips to consider when incorporating trees into your own landscape.

  • Trees cool your home by blocking sun and adding water to the air.  Plant tall, wide-crowned deciduous trees where you want their shadow to fall during the hottest time of the year. 
  • Maples, oak, spruce and pine trees are good choices for planting near your home to create shade and windbreaks.
  • At least two days before landscaping, call to have underground lines marked to avoid service interruptions.
  • A dense planting of tall, leafy trees will also help control noise and dust.
  • Don't plant larger trees where they can grow into utility lines. 
  • Low-branching evergreens planted on the north side of your home will help cut the chill of winter winds.
  • Be sure to choose trees that are hardy for this area.  In Kentucky, that includes trees for zones 6 and 7

For more information on what trees are appropriate for your area, visit the website of the The National Arbor Day Foundation

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