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  • Cumberland Mountains Encompass Bad Branch. © TNC
  • Bad Branch Nature Preserve, Letcher County, KY. © TNC
  • Adelgid on tree branch. © TNC
  • The insecticide is mixed in the field to treat the hemlocks. © TNC
  • The injectors are filled with insecticide and then taken into the forest. © TNC
  • The Hemlocks are measured to determine the number of applications needed. © TNC
  • Steven Fields keeps records of the trees treated. © TNC
  • After determining the dose, soil around the tree is injected with insecticide. © TNC
  • Two works inject insecticide into the soil around a large hemlock. © TNC
  • Hemlocks hang over the falls at Bad Branch. © TNC
The Nature Conservancy in Kentucky
The Invasive Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

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