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Mississippi River Bayou

The Conservancy’s efforts to conserve the natural and working landscapes that sustain the Mississippi River watershed’s human residents, economies and wildlife requires big thinking and more support than ever. That’s why we hope you’ll participate in the Mississippi River Bayou Adopt-an-Acre Program.

Give Today

Committing to the Conservancy’s Mississippi River Bayou’s Adopt-an-Acre program helps to ensure that a steady stream of funding reaches this diverse and productive landscape and the millions of people who depend upon it for recreation, income and a connection with nature. Contact The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky at 859-259-9655 today to adopt an acre for $182.00 or make an online donation. Adopt more for friends and family!

Adopting an acre for $182 in the Mississippi River Bayou will go a long way in helping us protect and restore iconic habitats and wildlife characterizing one of the nation’s most significant freshwater resources. What’s more, every dollar contributed through this program immediately will be matched by up to an additional $21 from other funding sources.

Do the math. It’s easy to see that adopting just one acre for $182 means that more than $3,800 will make it to conservation projects in the Mississippi Bayou. Now we’re thinking big!

Where Your Money Goes

It’s time to reverse trends that have directed our Big River away from natural flows, lush and forested river banks, and clear, clean waters. This can’t happen without your help. Contributions to the Mississippi River Bayou Adopt-an-Acre Program will benefit the following conservation activities throughout the watershed:  

• Acquiring and restoring habitats on land and in the water
• Strengthening the management of protected areas
• Restoring fire cycles and other natural processes
• Targeting scientific research to identify key fish and mussel breeding sites
• Combating invasive species
• Encouraging sustainable management on private lands and waters

A significant portion of the Mississippi River Bayou’s Adopt-an-Acre program will leverage funds available through the Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative (MRBI). which provides assistance to landowners in the watershed who are willing to protect, restore and enhance wetlands and wildlife habitat on their property. Over the next four years, the MRBI project will bring over $20 million in conservation funding to Kentucky – funding that can be leveraged by your contribution today.

Mighty Mississippi

The Mississippi River – one of the nation’s greatest freshwater resources – has the third largest drainage basin in the world, exceeded in size only by the watersheds of the Amazon and Congo Rivers. The mighty Mississippi drains 41 percent of the 48 contiguous states of the United States and includes parts of 31 states and two Canadian provinces. The watershed contributes daily to the physical and economic growth of the nation and provides drinking water, food, industry and recreation for millions of people. This precious habitat is considered a globally significant migratory flyway and is home to more than 325 resident and migratory bird species. 


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