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Terry Bopp

Director of Operations

Terry grew up in a very small town in Kansas. While residing in town, Terry loved the country where her family owned land with cattle and horses. In adulthood, she settled in Lexington after exploring several cities and career opportunities, joining the Conservancy in 1999 as Director of Administration in Kentucky. According to Terry, “Helping to preserve Kentucky’s beauty and diversity makes it the best job ever in one of the most beautiful parts of the country!”


Terry Bopp was "green" when it wasn't cool. For years she has used both sides of the printer paper before recycling it. She used to be embarrassed about being so frugal, but now it's the "in" thing to do. At home, she has shamed her neighbors into using their trash recycling bins or to put their recyclables in her bin.   Have you always had an interest in conservation?

Terry Bopp:   I’ve always loved the natural world but didn’t know I had an interest in "conservation" until I was older and realized how fragile and tentative our natural world is. Like a lot of people, I assumed that nature would take care of itself, and healthy land, water and forests would always be around. That’s not true unless we make a personal commitment to do everything we can to make a positive impact in our daily lives. Every little bit helps!   How did your career path lead to working with The Nature Conservancy?

Terry Bopp:   I was working for another non-profit in Lexington whose mission was smart growth when the Conservancy approached me about the open Director of Administration position. It didn't take a mental giant to figure out where I could make the most difference.   What projects have your focus these days?

Terry Bopp:   As Director of Operations, my focus is always supporting the conservation and fundraising staff. Most of my work is determined by the day-to-day challenges faced by others. It’s one of the reasons I love my job!   What do you hope to tackle in the long-term?

Terry Bopp:   We have the Commonwealth Challenge in front of us, where we’ll bring together as many conservation partners as possible to establish permanent funding sources for long-term conservation through a state ballot initiative or other legislative mechanism. To me, this is the most exciting initiative the Conservancy has ever taken on in Kentucky. It is definitely a challenge, but one we are up for . . . one we have to pursue. I look forward to supporting it in any way I can in my day-to-day work.


Terry Bopp

Director of Operations

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