Terry Bopp

Ready For Retirement

The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky marks the retirement of a valued colleague.

“I love the Conservancy. Most of all, I will miss the people I’ve worked with over the years. Instead of feeling like a job, working here seemed more like hanging out with great friends to achieve a common goal we all cared about.” – Terry Bopp

Behind every conservation project the Conservancy pursues in Kentucky are the nuts and bolts required to make it happen – a budget needs to be made, proper funding put in place, qualified staff members available to take on the work. This was the type of legwork Terry Bopp has handled for the past thirteen years as the chapter’s Director of Operations.

“The staff’s needs have always determined what my day-to-day job entailed and I’ve loved it,” says Bopp, a native of Kansas.

This dynamic has resulted in Bopp playing an integral role in projects including formation of the Conserve Kentucky coalition, aggressive protection and restoration work along a key stretch of the Green River, and a wide range of activities taking place in western Kentucky’s Mississippi River Basin where she gets outside on her sailboat.

“Once, while kayaking on the Green River during a staff outing Terry proclaimed ‘I love my job . . . I’m so glad you hired me’ and I’m glad I hired her too,” says Jim Aldrich, Director of Stream and Wetland Restoration and former State Director at The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky. “She represents what is best about the Conservancy – people around the world pursuing our mission with a positive attitude, hard work, integrity and a sense of humor.”

These are all attributes Terry looks forward to dedicating towards retirement – where she envisions days filled with reading, sailing on Kentucky Lake, and visiting her five children and grandchildren scattered around the country.

“For nine years as my supervisor, Terry made it part of her job description to ensure the Conservancy remained a great place to work – planning fun events for staff, showing support at fundraisers, welcoming colleagues from other states and generally looking out for us.” Lisa Morris, Office Manager.

Bopp will continue to show support as a member and cheerleader for the Conservancy’s work around the Commonwealth.    

“Helping to preserve Kentucky’s beauty and diversity made mine the best job ever in one of the most beautiful parts of the country,” adds Bopp. “I will miss my colleagues but feel good about leaving a thriving chapter with lots of exciting projects in the works and more ideas brewing on the horizon. I look forward to watching it all unfold – as a retiree and proud member for life!” 

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