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Roger Shott

Brief Biography

I retired from active medical practice in 2002 at the age of 63.  I was a Neonatologist.  Since then I have been able to be on the board of TNC, KRC and TU and a member of several other conservation organizations.


We must learn to use less electricity with energy savings at home.  Light bulbs (compact florescent) are a great start and insulation especially in attics and around where the house rests on the wall of the basement. 

Our supply of fresh water is very limited on this planet.  Only about 5-8% of all water is fresh.  As citizens, we are experiencing shortages, often severe, and this will get worse if we don't understand this as a population.  We must conserve this most essential of all natural resources so our children and grandchildren have adequate water sources.  Have you always had an interest in conservation?

I first become interested in conservation during high school.  My interest grew from there. What inspired you to become a Trustee member of TNC?

Getting to know Jim Aldrich and Barry Bingham and understanding that if each of us takes a small part, together we can accomplish an enormous amount! Do you have a favorite memory of your time as a Trustee member / TNC supporter?

I love contributing to TNC and being able to see what can be done by committed people. As a Trustee member, what are your goals for TNC over the next couple of years?

We must raise our profile in this state so that we come close to being well known especially for what we have accomplished for the State of Kentucky and its citizens.


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