Norman Brown

Brief Biography

After achieving advanced degrees in college, Norman went on to operate his own company for 35 years.  He has been active in many organizations, including Habitat for Humanity and the Presbyterian Church.  He and his wife have been together for 48 years, raising three children together.  The is also the proud grandfather of seven grandchildren.


Recycle - it works!

Trash - when in nature, pick it up  Have you always had an interest in conservation?

More so now than when I was growing up.  You learn to appreciate what has been given to us when you are in the outdoors.  We need to conserve nature for future generations in a responsible way and also a way that does not leave people without the opportunity to live off the land.  What inspired you to become a Trustee member of TNC?

I wanted an opportunity to give back to the state of Kentucky.  TNC offered a perfect way to achieve my goal.  Do you have a favorite memory of your time as a Trustee member / TNC supporter?

The Green River outing and the presentation on mussels.  The diversity, the quantity and the job that a mussel does really interested me. As a Trustee member, what are your goals for TNC over the next couple of years?

To keep improving our chapter.  We have come a long way over the past couple of years.  I would like to see that pattern continue.



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