Faces of Conservation

Cathy Boyd

Director of Operations-KY & TN

A Lexington native, Cathy attended the University of Kentucky where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. This has served her well in several accounting, human resources and office management roles at businesses in the Lexington area ever since. Cathy and her husband have three children. She enjoys traveling and participating in new experiences when opportunities present themselves.


In addition to making recycling part of her regular routine, Cathy condenses errands to conserve gas and seeks out shared carpool arrangements when she can work them out.

Nature.org: Have you always had an interest in conservation?

Cathy Boyd: While I appreciate the outdoors, my colleagues here will need to help with my learning curve regarding the conservation field. There is a lot to learn and I plan on being a great student!

Nature.org: How did your career path lead to working with The Nature Conservancy?

Cathy Boyd: Interestingly enough, I was posting a job for my former company when an open position with The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky popped up on the screen. I clicked in and became immediately intrigued by the idea of working to benefit the world around me rather than stockholders or an individual owner’s personal wealth. Before taking the business path in college, I was strongly considering marine biology. Who knows, I may have ended up with the Conservancy in a different capacity.

Nature.org: What projects have your focus right now?

Cathy Boyd: I will be handling Accounting, Operations and Human Resources issues for the Conservancy’s Kentucky and Tennessee chapters. As a result, my focus is on getting to know both programs, the people and the processes. I’ll learn a bit about geography too traveling between the states, although I’ll hang my hat in Lexington.

Nature.org: What do you hope to tackle over the next couple of years?

Cathy Boyd:  Both the Kentucky and Tennessee chapters have great staff. I’d like to tap into past experience to support and strengthen both the financial and human resources aspects for both chapters. I think there are several areas where the two chapters can work together to the benefit of each as well as the organization in general.

"A PLACE I LOVE" If she must be honest, Cathy feels most at home near white sand beaches and palm trees. That being said, she states there are many beautiful and peaceful places in Kentucky. Whether she is in a canoe on a river, hiking through the woods, or weeding her flower beds, Cathy appreciates any time she is able to spend outdoors.


Cathy Boyd

Director of Operations-KY & TN


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