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TNC-Kentucky Corporate Sustainability Council

The Nature Conservancy’s mission is to conserve the lands and waters upon which all life depends. To date, working with a broad array of partners, we’ve protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide, and we operate more than 100 marine conservation projects globally.

Today, growing needs for food, water and energy are straining the natural systems on which natural diversity, human health and prosperity rely. The urgency of these challenges requires us to re-imagine the types of partnerships as well as the interrelationships among them that will be required to advance solutions that will conserve and sustain our planet. We envision The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky’s Corporate Sustainability Council’s membership to be key collaborators and leaders in this process.


The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky (TNC KY) founded the TNC KY Corporate Sustainability Council (CSC) to link corporate sustainability efforts with the mission of The Nature Conservancy.

In addition, The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky’s CSC serves to improve partnerships with and among Kentucky businesses committed to making their operations more sustainable. It also supports, improves and accelerates corporate sustainability efforts by sharing best practice information with and promoting knowledge sharing among Members.

Activities & Benefits

The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky’s Corporate Sustainability Council will:

  • Promote collaborations which support the Conservancy’s mission and Member sustainability efforts specifically as well as programs that support sustainability and a healthy environment generally. TNC KY and CSC Members will work to increase understanding of the value of nature and ecosystem services to business and how to incorporate this knowledge in business decision-making. In line with the Conservancy’s mission, CSC activities will emphasize:

­    - Protecting and restoring natural systems
­    - Using nature sustainably
­    - Broadening the constituency for conservation

  • Allow the Conservancy to share information on its programs and initiatives as well as science-based knowledge on sustainability challenges relevant to Kentucky generally and CSC member businesses specifically.
  • Allow the Conservancy to share relevant information on national and global sustainability issues and practices accessible from the larger TNC network and relevant Members in Kentucky.
  • Allow Members to learn from one another through best practice exchange at CSC meetings and exposure to other Members’ operations (e.g. tours, field visits, etc.).
  • Conserve and restore Kentucky lands and waters in line with the Conservancy’s mission and in order to enhance the long-term competitiveness of Kentucky businesses through enhanced employee attraction and retention.
  • Encourage and support development of relationships between Kentucky businesses and NGOs capable of advancing common sustainability goals.
  • Influence policy aligned with Members common sustainability goals and which promotes environmental, community and economic health.

The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky’s Corporate Sustainability Council Members:

  • Invest in continuous improvement of sustainability practices;
  • Engage stakeholders in sustainability decisions and actions;
  • Set targets for, measure and transparently report on sustainability performance;
  • Support CSC operations with annual dues;
  • Share resources e.g. their own sustainability best practices or facilities for meetings;
  • Help with CSC promotion, particularly new member recruitment; and,
  • Commit to attend and actively participate in at least two thirds of Council meetings; Member representatives are encouraged to send other delegates from their organizations when they cannot attend themselves.


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