Crounse Corporation

Company Bio:

Since George Crounse founded the company in 1948, Crounse Corporation has become one of the largest companies in the river transportation industry.   The Company has grown steadily since the commissioning of its first towboat, the M/V Alice in 1949, to today’s fleet consisting of 35 boats and over 1,050 barges. Through the dedication of its more than 350 employees, Crounse has become a leader in the river transportation industry, furthering the industry’s mission as the most environmentally friendly and safest mode of bulk cargo transportation available today.   Barge transportation produces far fewer emissions of carbon dioxide for each ton of cargo moved than trucks or rail. When comparing emissions per ton-mile, academic studies have shown that transportation by rail emits 39% more carbon dioxide, and transportation by truck emits 371% more carbon dioxide than barge.   To further show its dedication to the sustainability of our world and its environment, in 2008 Crounse moved into its new Gold - LEED certified headquarters in Paducah, Kentucky.  How did your company develop an interest in conservation?

By our living and working on the inland waterways system. After more than six decades on the inland river system, we have grown in our appreciation and dedication to help preserve the rivers for all to use. Many Crounse employees belong to families that have worked on the river for multiple generations and share a deep appreciation of rivers as a special natural resource that should be preserved for our children.  Does your company have a vested interest in conservation? If so, how are you incorporating sustainability practices into your company’s operations plan?

Absolutely, we have a vested interest. Crounse Corporation requires a sustainable and well managed waterway system to provide its services to its customers. Our country’s failure to maintain the river system in a sustainable manner would be a short-term failure causing long-lasting damage to not only the environment, but also the country’s economy.   Crounse’s management team remains very active in promoting efforts to have the federal government invest in the future of the Upper Mississippi River System through the implementation of   NESP(Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program).  Describe your interactions with The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky?

We have worked with the staff of The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky to help grow the awareness and advocacy for its mission by raising funds and becoming a partner with TNC. We intend to stay a partner with TNC and further help make others aware of how to live and work along the inland waterways system in a sustainable manner so we can leave our river system in as good a condition as possible for future generations.  Do you have a favorite project of TNC’s? Any advice for other people interested in Kentucky conservation?        

It is difficult to name just one project as our favorite. We have been strong supporters of both the Grand Rivers Corridor/Mantle Rock Project Area as well as the Big Rivers Corridor Project. If others are interested in conservation in Kentucky, they should reach out to the TNC staff and volunteer, give money, or give their time in the advocacy of sustainable living to help conserve our resources and protect our environment.   To do so would be a wise investment in our country’s future. 


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