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Kentucky Board of Trustees

Harold Campbell


After graduating from Western Kentucky University in 1974, Harold has been involved in Community Banking and Insurance. He has served as President of Farmers State Bank in Booneville, KY and is Founder and Director of two central Kentucky and west Kentucky Community banks.


Harold participates in and supports the "Pride Program" in Eastern Kentucky.  The Pride Program has had success in removing trash and cleaning up dumping sites.  Trash is a big problem in Eastern Kentucky.  His bank devoted one day during the Spring for every employee to participate in trash pick-up events. What inspired you to become a Trustee?

As a child growing up in Appalachia, I saw firsthand the destruction of our environment and beautiful mountains.  I wanted to make a difference in halting this destruction. Do you have a favorite memory of your time as a Trustee member?

Jim Aldrich has been a great help to me. He has helped me to understand how TNC works. As a Trustee member, what are your goals for TNC over the next couple of years?

I would like to assist TNC with its priority projects.  I would like to help leave Kentucky a better place for future generations.

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