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Reintroduction of Bison to Iowa: Bison Diary, Entry #3

Trap Pasture: October 28, 2008

We released the bison out onto the 125-acre trap pasture yesterday. With 35-40 onlookers of staff, donors, conservation partners and neighbors, we opened the gates to let the bison out. The bison were calm and collective eventually making their way out the gate and onto the hillside.

Our bison are doing well; they are fat and happy. We have had no problems and we look forward to an uneventful winter.

We have had a stream of visitors to Broken Kettle Grasslands preserve since the bison have arrived. Many people have stopped in at the visitor’s center and office. Currently, visitors can see the bison in the trap pasture from 234 Street, a gravel road overlooking the trap pasture.

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