Reintroduction of Bison to Iowa: Bison Diary, Entry #2

More Rain: October 24, 2008

It has rained more than 4 inches in the last couple of days. Needless to say, the corral is muddy. Eric Robley and I have been concerned about the welfare of our new herd and especially worried about pneumonia in the calves because of the weather and stress from shipping. It is still raining this morning and we decided to let them out into a small holding pen on the south side of the corrals. There they can at least get onto a small hillside and out of the mud for a little while.

While bison are very hardy animals, we want to provide them with some comfort! This is an unexpected development, but I think the right choice, just a few days sooner than we had planned. We have been watching the herd closely and so far they appear relaxed and content. It is still such a novelty to see our own bison on Broken Kettle Grasslands.

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