Blue River

Giving Opportunity

Meet two friends of our work in the Blue River area, Bill and Maggie Adams. This husband and wife duo hold many interests and use their diverse interests to further conservation. Bill and Maggie are excellent botanists, naturalists and turtle trackers. Bill keeps a log of all the box turtles he sees in the woods. His records date back to 1994.

Each year since 2005, Bill and Maggie have performed a growing season botanical inventory of at least one of our natural areas. In 2013, they “botanized” the recently acquired Pahner tract in the Brock Sampson-Hardin Ridge Natural Area. Together they documented 239 native plant species on this 190 acre parcel. They also map where the invasive species occur so that we can prioritize their treatment.

Of their work, Bill says, “I like to think that our flora work will leave a record that documents some of the beauty of our natural world. Much of it may be lost in the years to come and people will need to know that it was not always so; and just perhaps be moved to restore the natural balance and abundance of this beautiful planet. As a species we have lost sight of the fact that it is us who belong to the Earth and not the other way around."

The Adams' interests are diverse. They also enjoy traveling in their spare time, taking trips in 2013 to Costa Rica on a clipper ship and a transatlantic cruise, stopping at points along the way.

Bill and Maggie are members of The Nature Conservancy’s Legacy Club, which is a group of people that have made commitments to leave a portion of their estate to The Nature Conservancy. Just as the Adams want to leave good records of the flora of southern Indiana natural areas, they also want to ensure that the next generation of conservation can take care of the places we are protecting.

Including the Conservancy in your estate plans is easy and makes a big difference to the plants, animals and people that call the Blue River area “home.” For more information about the Legacy Club, please contact Cassie Hall.


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