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One landowner's story:

Learn how The Forest Bank helped Kevin Sullivan protect his land and benefit from a mutual partnership.

Indiana is blessed with productive soils, diverse and valuable hardwood trees and a complement of native plants and animals that thrive in well-managed woodlands. The reasons people own woodlands in Indiana are as diverse as the woods themselves.

Whether you own your woodland for hiking, hunting, timber management, wildlife management, bird watching or simply as a family legacy, professional assistance to help with forest management makes woodland ownership even more satisfying.

The Forest Bank is a conservation alternative developed by The Nature Conservancy in Indiana to conserve working woodlands while preserving opportunities for recreation, wildlife habitat, natural beauty and solitude. Woodlands enrolled in the Forest Bank remain private property. Landowners can still hike, hunt, fish, cut firewood and use their woodland just as they normally would as long as the health and growth of timber is not hampered.

Forest Bank Facts
  • The Forest Bank program is only available in The Nature Conservancy’s priority conservation areas.
  • There are currently 43 landowners enrolled in The Forest Bank totaling 4,355 acres in 8 counties in Indiana.
  • The Forest Bank is certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council through the Classified Forest and Wildlands Group certification program.
  • The Forest Bank provides an economic return from the forest while protecting critical habitat for plants, animals and natural communities.
  • The Forest Bank began in 2002 and is backed by over 50 years of land conservation history by The Nature Conservancy in Indiana.
  • The Forest Bank gives a landowner access to the expertise of foresters, biologists, botanists, hydrologists and other Nature Conservancy scientists to manage woodlands for biodiversity.

Whether you own your woodland for recreation, timber management, wildlife management or simply as a family legacy, the Forest Bank can enrich the experience. This program, available in designated conservation areas, gives landowners access to the expertise of Nature Conservancy scientists to manage woodlands for biodiversity and habitat conservation.

Interested in Participating?

To learn whether your forest may qualify for the Forest Bank, please contact Dan Shaver at (812) 837-9445.


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