The North Central Tillplain Ecoregion

Map of Indiana's North Central Tillplain Ecoregion.

The Pigeon River In LaGrange County and inset picture of mussels. In the Midwest more than half of the 78 known species of mussels are listed as federally endangered or threatened or state species of special concern. No other group of animals in the Midwest is so gravely imperiled.

Swamp Angel Nature Preserve with plants found at the site, Skunk Cabbage and Pitcher Plant. Swamp Angel is special because it is a fen/wetland/lake complex.

Tippecanoe River and one of Indiana's successfully re-introduced river otters.

The Sugar Creek valley is one of Indiana’s natural treasures, and is widely used for hiking, canoeing and hunting. Just as importantly, the large expanse of forest supports important wildlife, especially interior forest birds that need large expanses of unbroken forest to breed successfully.

Pine Hills Preserve with inset pictures of Great Horned Owl and Red Fox. Indiana's first state nature preserve, Pine Hills features rugged hills, deep gorges and scattered stands of evergreen, relic hemlock, white pine and Canada yew, mixed with hardwood trees.


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