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  • Map of Indiana's Great Lakes Ecoregion.
  • Indiana Dunes and Piping Plover. Northwest Indiana is a biodiversity hotspot because three ecoregions intersect here--where the great lakes, the prairies and the forest come together.
  • Phragmites, Purple Loosetrife and Buckthorn are examples of invasive plants impacting the region. Next to loss of habitat, invasive plants are the biggest threat to native biodiversity.
  • Time lapse side-by-side comparison industrialization of Gary Lake area. The “lines” were formed when ancient glacial Lake Chicago receded thousands of years ago. A series of linear sandy beach ridges alternate with long narrow wetlands in parallel bands to form this rare community called, dune and swale.
  • Ivanhoe Dune & Swale with Yellow Lady's Slipper Orchids and Karner Blue Butterfly.
The Great Lakes Ecoregion

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