The Central Tallgrass Ecoregion

Map of Indiana's Central Tallgrass Ecoregion.

Kankakee Sands prairie and Plains Pocket Gopher. The Kankakee Sands Efroymson Restoration in Newton County is at the site of historic Beaver Lake.

Kankakee Sands connects Willow Slough Fish and Wildlife Area, Beaver Lake Nature Preserve (the last site for prairie chickens in Indiana before they were extirpated), and Conrad Station Savanna.

Visitors during the Kankakee Sands Open House. Inset pictures show the Regal Fritillary and Prairie White-Fringed Orchid, prairie species that are threatened by loss of habitat.

Trained Conservancy staff at a prescribed burn. Prairies are a “fire-dependent” natural community.

Kankakee Sands wetland with American Golden Plovers, Northern Harrier, and Northern Leopard Frog,

NIPSCO Savanna and Red-headed Woodpecker.

Jasper Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area and Sandhill Cranes. Sites such as Jasper Pulaski are extremely important to migrating populations of Sandhill and Whooping cranes. Loss of wetlands and riverine habitat are threats to the viability of these birds.


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