Journey with Nature

An End of  a Journey

For the past four years, The Nature Conservancy has brought to public radio stations across Indiana information on a number of conservation-related topics. From profiles on our more interesting native plant and animal species to how to get rid of the invasive ones as well as details on our preserves and waterways, Journey with Nature has touched on subjects that have educated and inspired our listeners.

Through the years, the Indiana Chapter has been contacted by listeners to express their thoughts on our short, but informative segments. Some were surprised to learn that freshwater jellyfish and eels are occasionally found in our waterways, while others were enjoyed hearing about how the river otter and bald eagle were reintroduced to our state. Many learned about the unfortunate number of invasive species that are invading our state, and grateful of the information when discovering the likes of Asian bush honeysuckle or garlic mustard in their own backyards. While lots of listeners appreciated such profiles, many loved the reminders of the amazing nature preserves in Indiana such as Pine Hills in Montgomery County.

The writers, editors and those at WFYI Indianapolis have enjoyed working on Journey with Nature, and are sad to say goodbye.  While Journey with Nature will no longer air, be sure that Indiana Chapter will continue to work hard to protect and restore our natural areas for the plants and animals that need them to survive.

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