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John Shuey

Director of Conservation Science

John is responsible for developing site-based conservation strategies across the state. John guides the Indiana Chapter’s efforts connected with scientific research, ecoregional planning, conservation site planning, and large-scale restoration planning, including the 8,000-acre Efroymson Restoration at Kankakee Sands. He also leads the effort to develop climate change adaptation strategies for the Chapter’s preserves. Prior to joining the Indiana Chapter, he was a Research Scientist at Battelle Memorial Institute, focusing on aquatic resource issues throughout the eastern United States.

John has conducted extensive fieldwork throughout the Midwest, and in northern Central America, Brazil and the Caribbean. For the last few years he has focused extensive attention on Belize, where he is documenting the butterfly fauna relative to specialized habitats and conservation areas.

John has published 35 peer reviewed scientific papers on a variety of topics, primarily focused on insect ecology and conservation, habitat management and ecological restoration. He has described new species of butterflies from the United States and Central America.


John Shuey

Director of Conservation Science

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