Year-End Giving

Making a Year-end Gift?

Many people make a significant portion of their charitable gifts at the end of the calendar year when they know how their year has progressed and what they might expect in the following year. This year, uncertainty about whether Congress will make changes to tax law further complicates one’s decision-making. We have all heard the talk about potential changes to personal income tax rates, removal of certain income tax “loopholes,” and possible limitations on the future deductibility of charitable gifts.

If this is the time of year you normally make charitable gifts or if you otherwise find it appropriate to make a charitable gift between now and year end, and you want to include the Conservancy in your generosity, here’s how to reach us and some deadlines to keep in mind.

For a gift to be considered as having been made in 2012:

By check:

  • If sent by U.S. mail: Your check must be dated no later than 12/31/2012 and must be mailed so that the envelope is postmarked with a date of 12/31/2012 or before. In addition, we must actually receive the check on or before 1/8/2013. Unfortunately, we cannot process as a 2012 gift any check that the postal service does not deliver by that date. While we have not seen a problem with this in the past, if you have any concerns about delivery, we suggest you consider making a gift by credit card (see below).
  • If sent by overnight delivery: The invoice for the delivery service must show a date received by the service as of December 31, 2012. We must receive the check by 1/8/2013.
  • If hand delivered: We must receive it before the close of business on December 31, 2012. We will be at our office at 620 E. Ohio Street, Indianapolis, Indiana until 5:00 pm on the 31st. If you live closer to one of our other offices, please contact that office directly to see if they will be open on the 31st and until what hour.

By credit card:

  • Website: You can always make a gift through our website, using your credit card. We accept American Express, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover Cards. You will be able to designate how you would like your gift to be used and you can make memorial and tribute gifts, too. To be counted as a 2012 gift, your transaction must accepted by your card issuer before midnight on the 31st.
  • Indianapolis office: We can process credit card gifts in our Indianapolis office until 5:00 pm on 12/31/12. Please call 317-951-8818 and follow the instructions on the answering system to get connected directly with one of our staff.

Stock Gifts:

  • Transfers of shares of stock must be fully completed by 12/31/2012. This means that the shares must be transferred to and received by our brokerage account no later than the close of business for such transfers on 12/31/2012. It is not enough to give your broker the instructions on that day if the actual transfer occurs on 1/1/2013 or later.
  • Please contact Fred Wilson, TNC’s Stock Gift Manager, for more information (703-841-7191).

Thank you for your commitment to conservation! Please let us know if there is any other way we can help you meet your charitable and conservation goals.

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