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Cedar Bluffs Slideshow

The sign marking the entrance to Cedar Bluffs Nature Preserve. For your safety and for the protection of this preserve, remember to follow all rules as posted beneath the sign.

When leaving the bluff-top forest, remember to re-trace your steps back down the steep bluffs to Clear Creek. You are trespassing on private property if you walk down the hill from the bluff-top to the road.

Cedar Bluffs Nature Preserve is RUGGED. See those giant limestone rocks to the left of Clear Creek? That's the trail!

Everywhere you look at Cedar Bluffs, you see plants and animals flourishing in spite of the harsh conditions of the property. Clear Creek floods from time to time, and this prevents forests from growing near its waters.

Mosses highlight the rocks and trees throughout Cedar Bluffs. Every square foot of this preserve is its own complex ecosystem.

The air is clear and fresh around the bluff-top forest. Perfect place for lichens to thrive!

This is a view of the trail that leads through the bluff-top forest. Notice Clear Creek to the right of the photo - some seventy-plus feet below!

If there is one iconic image associated with Cedar Bluffs, it's the gnarled cedars that reach out from the bluff-top toward Clear Creek.

My fiancee Laura, looking out over the limestone ridge toward Clear Creek. It took us awhile to navigate the steep walls that lead to the top, but with careful footing and good hiking shoes, we prevailed!

A close-up of the same cedar. The juxtaposition of millions-of-years-old limestone walls with flourishing plant and animal life make it feel as though you're stepping back through time.

This is the first cedar tree you'll see when you make your way to the bluff-top. It's so twisted and animated-looking, you'd think it was about to unravel and take off down the bluff! Notice Clear Creek WAY down below in the distance.

Another gnarled cedar. This one looked a bit more unfurled than the others. It stood out at about a 45-degree angle over the bluff that leads down to Clear Creek.

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